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American Girl
Choose an adventure with Felicity, get ideas on ways to spend the day, email secret coded messages to friends and play with a Shockwave version of a paper doll.

Baby-sitters Club
Meet the Baby-sitters, get baby-sitting tips, enjoy online games, and find out about the latest Baby-sitters Club books.

Barbie's official web site. Play games, make music, write stories, and have fun with other online activities.

Girls on the Mayflower
Eleven girls traveled on the Mayflower -- at this site you can learn about them as they took their 66 day trip from Europe to the New World.

Girls Only
From the Girl Scouts, this site includes games, quizzes, girl talk, and more.

Kelly Club
Visit and make a party dress for Kelly, swim through a maze, decorate a unicorn, paint the land of Sparkle Fairies, and more.

Polly Pocket
Join Polly and visit PollyWorld Park, the Polly Mall, and 3 other locations. You can create a new hairstyle or pick out a new outfit for Polly, play the Dolphin Ride Game, help her find her lost roller coaster tickets, and lots more.


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